Furniture Procurement

Furniture Procurement

DesignTeam Plus, LLC is an authorized contract furniture dealer for several companies, however, we can specify furniture from any manufacturer. Our services include furniture floor plans & layouts, procurement of furniture, and coordination for installation.

Neutral Posture

From our state-of-the-art Neutral Posture® series to our line of N•hancements® accessories, our products are based on the concept of neutral body posture. This natural, stress free position is the body’s preferred posture, similar to the free floating posture experienced when you totally relax in a swimming pool, or the posture typically associated with astronauts floating in space. Neutral Posture products were developed to help users emulate the body’s preferred position while they work, because it is in this posture that the body achieves equidistant spacing of the vertebrae and an ideal balance in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Distributor of all Neutral Posture products.


Watson Furniture

Each of our product lines are engineered for unmatched simplicity, beauty and durability. Our design process revolves around users’ needs and sustainable manufacturing processes.

We believe we should return this world in better condition than we found it. We adhere to the concept of Practical Environmentalism in which our aggressive pursuit to minimize impact on our planet is achieved within a disciplined structure of environmental and financial accountability.

Distributor of all Watson products



Work has become much more location-independent, and yet, the demands for the workspace are increasing. The work environment must be fun and exciting, and furnishings functional.

Our wide range of furniture accommodate these demands of the modern nomad and contribute to creating a happy and healthy workspace – wherever that is: the office, at home, the hotel or even outdoor.

Distributor of all BuzziSpace products.