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Our Services

What We Do

Design Charrettes

Community-wide event which promotes the project and its potential generating awareness, which sets the project vision on a path of implementation.

Commercial Architecture

Full service Architectural design for Commercial renovations and new developments.

Office + Corporate Spaces

Systematic review of applicable building codes that affect the design and construction of a building or facility. Collaborative interior design focusing on spatial needs, proximity, furniture procurement, occupancy costs, and move management.

Distributor of all several different furniture companies and products here.

Project Analysis

Rigorous research and feasibility studies to determine project goals, opportunities, constraints, issues influencing the design, limitations with code and zoning authorities, design criteria, and opinion of probable construction cost.

Rendering + Animation

2D images and 3D models are generated to provide an enhanced understanding of unique spatial features and user experience.

Residential Architecture

Full custom design for new homes and renovations.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Analysis and specification of active and passive solar, wind, and geothermal technologies to suit project requirements.

Senior Living + Healthcare

Creating healing environments with holistic and universal design meeting the needs of patients, medical teams, communities, and healthcare organizations with a focus on safety, security, accessibility, and sustainability.

Sustainable Architecture

Application of knowledge in sustainable materials and practices for high performance buildings with safe environments based on LEED design principles.