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Associate AIA, M. Arch

Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Associate

For Thea Donahue, working as an architetural drafter at a multi-dimensional design firm is a "dream come true."

"I get to touch upon so many areas of architecure and design," she says. "Not only do I draw up plans for projects including religious institutions and residences, but I also learn about the approval process in each municipality in which we work, and how to work with contractors."

Donahue’s passion for architecture developed as a teenager, when she became immersed in the arts as a way of “communicating visually.” As a student at Lawrence Technical University, she entered a regional green building contest to design a LEED-certified building. Working with the Detroit Zoo, she designed an off-site branch located on a marsh, concentrating on Michigan species such as amphibians, cranes, and beavers. She won an honorable mention for designing a rainwater reintegration process.

Since that time, she has been aware that architecture has an impact not only on the community but also on the environment. “As professionals, we have a responsibility to be conscious of what we are putting in and on the ground,” she says. At DesignTeam Plus, she says, “a lot of what we do is to incorporate naturally-sourced materials to reduce a carbon footprint.”