Team - Lilly


Chief Security Officer

Lilly is a small Maltese Shih Tzu mix, but packs a powerful snuggle. She likes to show off her understanding of architecture, having attended master’s level classes with her human. Lilly is quick to offer real-time office furniture comfort assessments of drafting tables, chairs, and any product samples lying around.

Lilly is a rescue pup from Michigan Animal Crew. She was rescued from an abandoned house with her four brothers and sister in 2017 before finding her forever home.

Lilly gets a leg up on meetings by being first to the conference room to find the most comfortable chair or lap.

Lilly’s mission is to bring more joy to humans, and all her friends at DTP by providing cuddles, licks, snuggles, and emotional support.

Lilly’s favorite snacks are raspberries, carrots, and cucumbers. Great fuel for Yoga – which she loves!

Lilly loves to travel with her family, and will happily buckle-up in her car seat before embarking on a trip to her grandma & grandpa’s house or to the office!